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Welcome to World Wide Sires UK

At World Wide Sires – UK, we are farmer owned and farmer driven, with more than 51,000 farmer owners.

We are here to supply profitable genetics and superior customer service to the UK, with a strong commitment to your success.

We take your investment in genetics very seriously and are confident you will see the value in World Wide Sires. We are the Proven Leaders by Design…Not Chance.

Whats happening in our world…

We have a varied range of bull within our brochure with a sire to suit all systems. Here we highlight some of our highest ranking sires by ACI (Autumn calving index). What is ACI you may ask the chart below shows how the index is worked out but the ACI promotes milk quality with more weight on volume than the £SCI
Places strong emphasis on fertility & longevity
Selects for reduced maintenance costs and puts a weighting on calving ease.
Improves udder and leg health

Contact your local World Wide Sires genetics consultant for further information on which sires we have to suit your system.

Chart produced by AHDB
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